Chevrolet Catalog
Design System

Role(s): Design, Art Direction

Partner(s): K'Kio Hardin, Eric Weir, Mike Barton

With my background in editorial design, Goodby hired me to help revamp Chevy's catalogs. Working with a team of art directors, designers, and production folks, I developed a system of grids, margins, assets, and a style guide for the art directors to utilize. I had the opportunity to art direct a couple of the catalogs as well.

While the base unit of measurement in the catalog template is centimeters, the real building block of the layout is based upon a document grid that fits within the horizontal A4 format. Thus, most measurements are established first as a “Grid Square” number, followed by a metric equivalent.

Date: January 2013 Tags: Design, Grid Systems, InDesign, Layout, Typography