Commonwealth /
Ingenuity Research

Role(s): Design lead, Art Direction

Partner(s): Allen Bukoff

Ingenuity is a universal human trait. Wherever there are humans you’ll find them solving problems, fixing things, and doing things with ingenuity. Ingenuity is a function of ability and will. You need the ability (some imagination, cleverness, and appropriate knowledge, skills, and resources) and you need the will (the desire and determination to get to your goal).


No country, no group of people own “ingenuity.” But ingenuity is shaped by many different forces such as culture and environment. Different environments: different problems and resources. Different cultures: different priorities and approaches. Human ingenuity varies around the world and across time and place.

Working with our strategy department, I built a system of characteristics and a visual language that represented the concept of ingenuity as it applies to Chevrolet’s Find New Roads campaign. To coincide with these characteristics I established conversational key-phrases, as well as some iconography, meant to teach an emotion-centric lesson in a lighthearted manner. In the end we created a pyramid of attributes that promote a breeding ground for ingenuity — along with a totally unscientific algebraic equation.